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You Says She's a Virgin - LiveEarth Symbolism Explained

You Say She's A Virgin

 articles: earth 22.jpg

By Matthew Delooze

Hello Folks,

Having missed the Live Earth concerts myself I have decided to write this belated article based on the recordings made about the Live Earth concert in London that was presented on the net by my favourite email blocking company 'MSN'.

I have been writing about festivals and the harvesting of spiritual energy for several years now. Indeed I still remember my spiritual download, beside-the-seaside, in 2004 at Morecambe. The article is on this site.

Following further spiritual direction, after regaining some better understanding, I was able to write about Live 8 and Glastonbury Festival both in articles and in books. If you are new to this information I suggest you read this article before you go any further:

To those that already know me I say "let's get on with the show".
It has become obvious to me since my awakening in 1999 that the collection of spiritual energy in certain symbolic locations around the world is on the increase. The location used for the Live Earth concert in London is no exception. I point out that the new Wembley Stadium is rife with illuminati eye and arch symbolism. People also seem to forget that Wembley was on a par with events of 9/11 and was also a place where twin towers were 'pulled'.

articles: earth 21.jpg

'Pulled'. Twin Towers in London (Nothing new there then!)

articles: earth 20.jpg

The new Wembley rising from the ashes or should I say the 'Benben rising out of the watery chaos'?

It is easy to point out the blatant symbolism behind the logos adopted by Live Earth. The one heading this very article is a typical example. The Sun and Phallic symbolism is so easy to spot now that most of you have had it pointed out to you for years by the likes of David Icke and others. The forums these days seem to be full of symbolism experts pointing out the statue of liberty etc as an illuminati monument.

This is all well and good but in my opinion it doesn't stop there and no one is going to wake up by simply recognising a famous landmark. We need to start to look deeper in my opinion. Now is the time to start doing so because we haven't even scratched the surface yet. The forces that rule this world are not going to be shaken by people just because they can recognise a crappy symbolic monument built by their puppets. This is simply because they will just replace it with one that you cannot recognise and indeed they will still carry on using the ones you have already failed to recognise and therefore continue to surrender your spiritual power to. Or do you think you know of them all because of the info supplied by the biggest forum gossips or the jazziest looking websites? Please think again if you do because I assure you that we are dealing with a very deceptive awareness that is operating on a far higher level of consciousness than the dumbed down human race is. I say that with sincerity.

Dozy Dick to Dizzy Doris whilst looking at the London Eye.…..

….'OoooH look Doris there's another of them there 'Hill-hum-in-hatty' monuments that those nutty conspiracy theorists talk about. Glad I recognised it Doris…..that will put an end to the dastardly reptilian agenda for sure, let's go for a cup of tea and a slice of currant cake now and forget all about it'…

It's time to start looking deeper if you want break free and the Live Earth concert events may, unknowingly to the organisers, provide a few good examples and triggers for you, despite the effort to steal your energy. I will point out what I saw on a slightly deeper level at the London event in the hope it helps a few of you out there click on to what goes on right under our noses, but our own enforced stupidity fails to notice.

When these events take place it is not just the visual symbolism on stage that matters. Far from it. The naming of groups/performers and titles and lyrics of songs also plays a very major part on a spiritual level. Whilst our five sense reality concentrates on the celebrities and we prance around to lyrics and music we can't see that a massive deception is taking place.

The simplest way I can show you these things is to show you some images from the concert and point out both the visual AND the audio symbolism to you in the hope that you will research things for yourself. You will need to grasp the idea that The Serpent Cult can deliver a double whammy on you and mesmerise your emotional feelings and control your physical actions. This will affect your emotional state and lead you into surrendering your spiritual energy to the powers that created the visual symbolism that is backed up with cryptic and symbolic audio terminology.

Let's start with the opening scene at Live Earth London. I will provide a link to the event later for you to check what I am saying. Indeed I highly recommend that you at least watch the scenes I mention as they are the parts that I believe you can grasp and understand on a five sense level.

The event opens with the 'SOS All Stars: Drummers'. Believe me there is nothing going on in this opening event that will save your soul or yourself. It is a very blatant Sun worship ritual. The powerful beat of the drums make people alert, just like fireworks do on New Years Eve, and whilst this is going on there are graphic images of the rising sun (rebirth) being displayed on the screens on stage. Once the Sun is in its full glory images of the world's creation are shown. 'Let there be light' sort of thing. Here are a couple of still images from the concert showing the birth of the Sun. Look… Can you see what I mean?

articles: earth 18.jpg

The opening ceremony at Live Earth. The birth of The Sun.
 The crowd witness it and then they applaud and cheer.

articles: earth 17.jpg

The Sun is now fully risen. The crowd at the venue and all those watching worldwide are now deceived into taking part in a Sun (Serpent) Worship Ritual in the guise of watching a concert IMO.

Ok? Coincidence is it? Well the next act to perform is a little bit more of a coincidence. Yes folks it is 'Genesis'. Let there be light again eh? I realise this seems comical but I try to point out in my articles and especially my new book that the Serpent Cult, reptilians, love taking the piss out of us apes. Here are a couple of symbolic pictures of 'Genesis' at the venue. One showing the planet Earth on screen and the other showing the 'BA' London Eye on screen.

articles: earth 16.jpg

'Turn it on again'. Genesis: Let There Be Light

articles: earth 15.jpg

'Land of confusion' is being sung by Genesis, order out of chaos. The rising benben. The London Eye. Coincidence?

I have pointed out in many articles that the London Eye (big wheel) is symbolic of the rising Benben and the Sun and it is used in most festivals. Obviously I received a bit of stick when I first started talking about these things but is it starting to click with you now? I bloody well hope so because my wife thinks I have developed a fetish for Ferris wheels!

Maybe it is just a coincidence again eh? Genesis sings 'Turn it on again' (clever reference to sun rebirth) and 'Land of confusion' (clever reference to 'order out of chaos'). This is a very good example of visual symbolism and symbolic audio terminology being used together to mesmerise you and soften you up subconsciously for you to unknowingly give up your energy. The vast majority of artists don't know what is going on either.

Anyway there are several other symbolic references to lights and eyes both on and off stage at the event. I cannot possibly mention them all and some details go very deep but I will mention Razorlight- In the morning, Corrine Bailey Rae (Ray) - Mercy Mercy Me as simple food for thought. Other bands also performed that emphasised symbolic eyes both in lyrics and in the actual names of the acts.

David Gray also took my attention with his song 'Babylon'. This song is a classic example where there is no obvious connection with the word Babylon in context with the other lyrics of the song. I have asked a lot of people why they happily sing along with 'Babylon'. They haven't got a bloody clue. Can anyone tell me what the word 'Babylon' has to do with this song then I can pass it on to the sheep that blindly sing along to it with eyes like a learned poet?

Could it be that people who slip symbolic words into songs get famous?

Ask Robbie Williams.

If you watch the recorded event, look at the crowd singing and blindly dancing along with 'Babylon'…... For 'crying out loud' wake up! Ask yourself now why people blindly do such things? If Robbie Williams wrote a song containing a chorus about dog shit I can imagine the crowd blindly singing along with it at a concert…...

To the sound of 'Sailing' (Rod Stewart)

"We are Dog Shit ..We are Dog Shit
We haven't a clue... what's goin on
We are hypnotised.. oh so hypnotised
And we never will be free."

I realise that example may seem a bit harsh but it is a very accurate description of what we are really doing at the hands of the Serpent Cult and we blindly endorse our spiritual enslavement by being conned into going along with Sun worship rituals. It is so easy for us to surrender to a talented artist and loose ourselves in the lyrics and music of their songs. That is why the Serpent Cult control the music industry, they get mostly unknowing talented artists to attract our emotional respect towards their occult symbolism and terminology.

Anyways let us move on and look at the performance by 'Spinal Tap' that happens halfway through the Live Earth event. This group is supposed to be a spoof band. They reunited just to do the concert.

articles: earth 14.jpg

Spinal Tap... a classic example of Serpent Cult puppets.

It would be another coincidence if this band also did Sun worship stuff on stage wouldn't it? Obviously symbolism can be easily hidden within their comedy can't it? I can only suggest you look at the Spinal Tap performance and try to look beyond the comedy side of things. It is really not that hard to do as Spinal Tap are not even funny. If you do watch the clip please note that two stone towers are placed on stage.

articles: earth 13.jpg

Spinal Tap singing 'Stonehenge'. Comedy? Or an occult sun ritual? I'm not laughing.

To the crowd this is just suppose to be cheap props representing 'Stonehenge' and the 'top stone' doesn't appears on time so only the two pillars are used to carry out a ritual instead. (Nice one Mr Gore)

It is obvious to me that the top stone was meant to be missing all along despite the pathetic acting (watch the recording yourself). Here are a couple of clips but I strongly suggest you see the performance (link at the end of this article)

articles: earth 12.jpg

The twin stone pillars placed on stage at Wembley to the song Stonehenge.

articles: earth 10.jpg

Ring any bells?

articles: earth 9.jpg

The top stone arrives far too late…..all staged of course.

I assure you that this performance is part of a sun worship ritual despite the spoof scenario.

Let us move on to the end of the concert. Madonna. Basically apart from the announcement at the beginning of the concert everything was leading up to Madonna's performance. I don't need to point out to seasoned researcher that Madonna is an illuminati puppet through and through. She literally is and has always been 'walking symbolism'.

articles: earth7.jpg

Bright threads. I bet she didn't get those robes on eBay.

It is debatable if Madonna is aware of what she is doing or she is just ego running riot. The symbolism used at the end of the Live Earth concert in London was intense and delivered very, very fast. Billions of people went along with the symbolism being thrown at them without having the slightest clue what was really going on. I cannot explain it all to you in this article but I can and will explain some important parts.

First of all let us look at the name 'Madonna'. I believe Madonna is the symbolic Isis, a sun deity and symbolic Virgin/ Queen/ Mother of the world. Madonna simply means 'Our Lady' but our lady represents all goddesses doesn't she? I also remind people that Big Ben (the world's time) is dedicated to Queen Isis and her namesakes (see my book the Stars Are Falling).

articles: eart 6.jpg

Time goes by… so slowly

articles: eart 6.jpg

What do you see?

I believe Madonna is being used by multidimensional beings to act as a symbolic energy extractor. In other words when energy is directed at Madonna it goes to the multidimensional beings that rule this world because Madonna is a puppet/agent for them. When we show respect to Madonna we are showing respect to what Madonna really represents and that is the Sun Deities that represent the Serpent. The Serpent is representative of reptilian alien beings, as I have said all along.

Madonna has also official taken on the name of the ancient goddess Esther.

Esther is linked to Christianity (Serpent Cult), Judaism (Serpent Cult) and Islam (Serpent Cult) basically Ishtar/Esther is another word for Isis and so is Madonna. So basically Madonna is symbolically representing all the so- called different religions in one go. Is this clear?

I have mentioned many times that concerts and festivals are used to extract emotional respect and acceptance from the audience, whether that is a live audience or an audience listening or watching through all the other media services. Madonna basically demanded respect at the Live Earth event. First of all she deceptively collected emotional respect by singing 'Hey You'. She then moved on to raise the level of spirit slightly by singing Ray of Light (Ra).

I quote Madonna just before she sang 'Ray of Light' (another coincidence eh?)
Quote "Right now I don't want anyone saving up their energy, I want you ALL to give it up now". "I want to see you all jump up and down". "Come on you mother-fuckers".

Madonna then moved on to 'La Isla Bonita' again increasing the atmosphere leading up to the finale, where she sang 'Hung Up' and before that she makes another reference to Amen Ra. The crowd is at its highest point of excitement during the song 'Hung Up'. The mass energy is at its peak. Madonna has got them all going. Time goes by so slowly. Those with knowledge of music and those old enough to remember will know that 'Hung Up' uses the same music melody as ABBA's song 'Gimme Gimme'. This is no coincidence.
The tune is very, very, hypnotic and you are meant to realise that the tune is linked to ABBA. It is not a rip off by Madonna, she has not stolen the tune, its simply part of the ritual. It is the audio part of the ritual that simply mingles in with the visual part of the ritual. This is because the 'BA' has to be subconsciously recognised at the ritual event. Just like the BA has to be recognised in the London Eye. This is what I meant when I said we have to start looking deeper. We need to raise our levels of awareness to be able to see just what we are spiritually accepting and endorsing. The Serpent wants to keep you dumbed down so you can't see these things. The Serpent wants you to stop looking deeper and it will make it very difficult for you to do so. You are programmed, under a spell, to dismiss information like this, especially if it's too much trouble for your head. I am trying to start to break the spell you are under.
BA = Meaning: The word ba is usually translated as "soul" or "spirit". However, ba is probably better translated as "spiritual manifestation." Also known as a "double"
The name of the pop group ABBA really means double or soul. Indeed Abba the group used to use this symbol below. Or should I say the Serpent Cult controlled music industry made them use this symbol.

articles: earth 4.jpg

So the 'musical' tunes used by 'ABBA' are the officially accepted symbolic tunes of the BA or double (spiritual manifestation) and have been unknowingly accepted as such by the mass consciousness of the human race. That is why an ABBA tune has been mixed into the song of Madonna (Esther/ Ishtar/Mary/Isis). It is for its spiritual symbolic reasons that will be used at events and symbolic concerts.

Again the modern day music industry is completely controlled by the Serpent Cult and artists are unknowingly conned into creating sun symbolism within their work that in turn get us to unknowingly worship Deities connected to the Sun. When we do this we literally become spiritual slaves to the force we have surrendered to through deception.
ABBA is also an ancient term in Hebrew for 'Father' so is it just another coincidence that Madonna who calls herself Esther in Hebrew also uses symbolic 'ABBA' music in her song? You have to dig deep to see what is going on, please don't give up. The human race is too dumbed down to see what is really going on. I am not calling you stupid I am saying we all had our true awareness removed. It is time to get it back. Do you really want it back or do you want to stay on your knees? The choice is entirely yours.

Going back to the Madonna performance, once she had the whole of Wembley rocking and millions of others watching on TV etc, esoteric symbolism was flashed very quickly around on the screen, on stage and in the audience. The crowd's energy had been whipped up by the virgin…Madonna/Isis/Esther/Ishtar/Mary… and when it reached a peak, with the audience literally worshipping Madonna, spiritual energy was being released. It was not only released to feed the Madonna but it was also released to the symbolism that Madonna promoted. Although the symbolism was hardly noticeable on a five sense level I will assure you that the symbolism was taken in by everyone on a subconscious level.

When spiritual energy is released it takes on a different form and can energise things in a very different way than say 'gas in an oven' does. The energy released can actually feed the creators of the symbolism present at the said event at the time.

If you look at the stills below I will point out a small example of the symbolism being directed into the collective subconscious of the viewers whilst production of their spiritual energy, through emotional excitement, was at its peak.

articles: earth.jpg

A Knight Templar cross is thrown on stage in a heap (allegedly from a fan) whilst the energy was at its highest during the song 'Hung Up'

articles: earth 3.jpg

At the very same time (coincidently my arse) the same ancient symbol appeared on the screen. Look at the narrow screen behind Madonna

articles: earth 2.jpg

Madonna then approaches the 'Seal of Solomon' (Star of David), ancient symbolism again, which coincidently is placed centre stage in the crowd. Look dead centre of the still. I apologise for picture quality.

articles: earth1.jpg

The symbolic Madonna /Isis/ Esther/ Ishtar/ Mary in front of the Seal of Solomon (bottom right corner)

Please don't forget that the spiritual energy has also been directed at the location and the opening (Sun rebirth) ceremony of the event, not to mention the symbolic Sun Goddess Madonna at the end of the event. Obviously this Live Earth event went on all day long and followed the Sun to other events around the globe all day long too. It was a global sun ritual.

If you watched Live Earth you will see that esoteric symbolism was not only constantly being used throughout the event but it came to a sharp head during Madonna's performance? Please watch the recording yourself and make your own mind up. Surely a Templar Cross landing on stage at the very moment another one is flashed on the screen cannot be a coincidence. Was it planned? If so ask yourself why.

Is it also coincidence that an ancient seal of Solomon (Sol means Sun) or the Star of David was also given a prime position, centre stage, in front of the Symbolic 'Esther' who represents both Christianity and Judaism? (The Templar Cross and the Star of David)

For crying out loud (Babylon - thought I'd slip that in)…. come on truth seekers just what the hell is going on here? How long are we going to let these things go on unchallenged simply because they don't fit in with our brainwashing state education? Fookin hell… the timing whilst displaying this flag symbolism was spot on. This was not an act nor was it coincidental that two ancient flags were openly displayed at exactly the right time, when the atmosphere was at its peak. There was also a lot more symbolism being displayed on the screens on the stage that I have not even mentioned to you. It was being flashed so fast that it could only have been created and produced to affect our subconscious.

I have mentioned in my Glastonbury article that spiritual energy is being sucked out of the masses at symbolic events. I believe the farcical Live Earth was just another deceptive 'Sun Worship' ritual. The powers behind this event don't give a monkey's toss about global warming. It was simply another 'wham bam thank you ma'am' energy extraction ritual disguised as a charity or an awareness concert, just like Live 8 was.

The crowd only wanted to see their 'idols' and other celebrities and the majority of artists were simply getting publicity to further serve their careers. At the end of the day I believe mass spiritual energy was extracted from millions of people around the globe at all the Live Earth concerts and it endorsed our spiritual enslavement. We again gave our permission for multidimensional beings to rule over us.

I am totally convinced that Live Earth was a fallacy. I am amazed that time and time again these events are coming to pass without any serious questions being raised.

Am I so crazy to suggest that Live Earth was a Sun Worship ritual and the masses were led like sheep to give their energies away and endorse our spiritual enslavement? Yes? What are the alternatives to my comments then my friends? Is it that the likes of Al Gore and pampered pop stars actually give a fuck about the planet? Come on wake up for crying (Babylon) out loud!

Could it be that the ego chasing crowds who are totally conditioned to worship celebrities, and would literally trample on babies just to get a glimpse of their favourite idol, give a monkey's toss about the planet and global warming? Again, for crying out loud, come on, wake up.

Even a few rock bands are clicking on that these concerts are basically full of deceptive shit, Roger Daltrey and The Artic Monkey's, to name a couple, have publicly spoken out yet even they still fail to realise that even events like Glastonbury are also being 'used' for dubious spiritual means.

These ambiguous rituals have been going on for thousands of years and the masses are programmed to take part in them without even thinking about it. The time to start thinking is now.

I have said enough in this article. I humbly thank you for your time. I have tried to take you a little deeper than just spotting a pyramid or an eye at these events and deceiving yourself that you are awake to it all. I believe you need to start to realise that all of your five senses are constantly being manipulated at the same time, and they have been since you were born and will be when you are born again, unless you have the guts to fully wake up.

Please look at the Live Earth event yourself. Here is the link.

There is a panel on the left hand side please use it click on the relevant artists and song.
To see the sun rising symbolism click on SOS All Star drummers.
To see the stone pillars click on Spinal Tap 'Stonehenge'.
I suggest you watch all of Madonna's songs to catch her comments but the finale is a must to see the build up of energy.
If you connected with this article then please see the info below.

May love reign o'er you all.

Matthew Delooze 27/07/07

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Join the New Wave - of Freemasons

"Yeah, I think it's going to become hip and chic to be a Mason," Zulu said. "And that could be a dangerous thing."
Freemasons in midst of popularity, membership boom
May 18, 2008
The secretive society gains a higher, hipper profile as younger men seek out a place for fraternal bonding.


From left, Zulu, Jonathan Kanarek and Daemon Hillin are representative of a new wave of Freemasons that's stamping a younger, hipper profile on the centuries-old fraternity.


IN LOS FELIZ, across from a 7-Eleven on North Vermont Avenue, a few dozen men in their early 20s to late 80s share a dinner behind closed doors. Some wear full tuxedos with bow ties and jeweled cuff links, some have shoulder-length hair, and others wear open-collared shirts that reveal the slightest filigree of tattoo arching across their chests.

Meet the millennial Masons


Stylish Masons through history


Photo credits: In Sunday's Image section, an article about Freemasons was accompanied by a photograph of President Ford that was credited to the Los Angeles Times; Eric Draper of the Associated Press was the photographer. The uncredited photo of Clark Gable that also ran with the story should have been credited to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. —


Over Italian food, retired lawyers and judges sit elbow-to-elbow with owners of scrap metal yards and vintage clothing boutiques. They hold forth on philosophy, the weather; they rib each other and joke about saving room for cannoli. As they reach for seconds, they reveal skull-cracking rings emblazoned with a compass and a square.

Meet the millennial Masons. As secret societies go, it is one of the oldest and most famous. Its enrollment roster includes Louis Armstrong and Gerald Ford, and it has been depicted in movies such as "The Da Vinci Code" and "National Treasure." Once more than 4 million strong (back in the 1950s), it has been in something of a popularity free-fall ever since. Viewed with suspicion as a bastion of antiquated values and forced camaraderie, the Masons have seen membership rolls plummet more than 60% to just 1.5 million in 2006.

Only now the trend seems to be reversing itself, and nowhere more noticeably than in Southern California. The reasons seem clear. In another Masonic Hall, this one on La Cienega, a Sri Lankan-born banker, a sunglasses-wearing Russian immigrant and a continent-hopping Frenchman break bread, poke at their salads and chat about their health.

"For a time it looked as if Masonry was going into a sharp decline, if not the death throes," said UCLA history professor
Margaret C. Jacob, who has written extensively about the fraternal order. "But it looks like it may be making a comeback."

That's because the Freemasons, whose tenets forbid soliciting or recruiting members, have enthusiastically embraced the Internet as a way to leverage curiosity about an organization with its roots in Europe's medieval stonemasons guilds. Freemasonry today sees itself as a thinking man's salon, a learned society with a philanthropic bent.

"We had a record number of new members last year," said Allan Casalou, grand secretary of the Grand Lodge of California. "We added 2,000 men, which is the most since 1998 and our seventh straight year of membership increases."

And, to paraphrase that Oldsmobile campaign, these definitely aren't your father's Freemasons. They are bar owners, male models and olive-oil brokers. They are men like Zulu, an L.A. tattoo artist with a swirling Maori-inspired design inked across his face and a panoply of metal piercing his ears, nose and face. They are men like Jonathan Kanarek, who runs a men's vintage clothing store on Hollywood Boulevard and whose retro chic wardrobe of polka-dot ascots, glen-plaid jackets and smartly pressed pocket squares earned him a spot on Esquire magazine's 2007 list of best-dressed real men in America. And they are men like Daemon Hillin, whose surfer-dude looks and blinding white smile can be found on Japanese TV, where he plays sidekick and comic foil to the Japanese version of the Hilton sisters.

They are also all men who want to be part of an all-for-one and one-for-all brotherhood built on shared ideals, philosophical pursuits and a penchant for rings, aprons and funny hats. As Zulu bluntly put it: "I joined because I was looking for people to hang with that were like-minded but also hip and cool, and a lot of tattoo artists tend to be drunks and druggies."

Hillin, who originally joined the Masons in Temecula, moved to L.A. and is interested in the Santa Monica-Palisades Lodge No. 307, one of the youngest and most diverse congregations in the state (the average age of active brothers is just 33). The lodge's senior deacon, Jim Warren, calls it " 'Star Trek' without the chicks." "We have every possible national origin, ethnicity and religious denomination you could imagine," he said.

Warren credits the Internet. "We were one the first lodges in the state to have a
website up," he said. "That led to a huge spike in membership."

Other lodges followed suit, putting up their own sites and drawing a crowd. That's how prospective Mason Johnny Royal ended up at the door of
Elysian Lodge No. 418 last month. Intrigued by the distinctive Masonic architecture that graces most halls, the 31-year-old publicist with sideburns to his chin and hair to his shoulders and a Renaissance lute player tattoo on his right forearm hit the Web.

What he read about the Masonic ideals -- wisdom, strength, beauty and the pursuit of knowledge -- made him decide to pursue membership. "My generation wants to be part of something beyond itself," Royal said. "I want to learn; I want to participate."

The Web generation

THE INTERNET hasn't only made it easier to learn about the Freemasons, Casalou says, it's changed the type of men coming forward. "There is so much information on the Internet that by the time someone comes to a lodge to seek membership, they already know a lot about Masonry," he said. "Which is a big departure from previous generations. And it means they are more likely to be active participants."

Zulu became curious about Freemasonry after tattooing Masonic symbology on several clients. He joined five years ago at age 39 and now serves as webmaster and senior warden of North Hollywood Lodge No. 542. He has also gone on to become both a Scottish Rite Mason and Shriner (Masonic membership is a prerequisite for both), and next year he will become the leader of his lodge. "I'll be the first black worshipful master in the lodge's history," he said, using the proper term of respect.

But he probably won't be the last. Because California's contingent of Freemasons is expected to grow, the average age of its members, once 71 and now 65, is expected to drop. By 2018, as Casalou predicts, the state will be awash in 55-year-old pre-retirement Masons giving each other secret handshakes, wearing ritual aprons and invoking the Grand Architect of the Universe.

The Internet continues to help. Zulu said that he gets at least four e-mails a week from prospective Masons around the globe who see his tattooed and pierced visage at the lodge website and want to be reassured such an alternative look isn't a barrier to membership.

"Yeah, I think it's going to become hip and chic to be a Mason," Zulu said. "And that could be a dangerous thing."