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+ Pathways to Higher Consciousness - Understanding the PINEAL GLAND and the Development of the "GOD HELMET" by Tedd St. Rain +

+ Pathways to Higher Consciousness - Understanding the PINEAL GLAND and the Development of the "GOD HELMET" by Tedd St. Rain +


The human endocrine system, as you may know, it's composed of various glands, the hypothalmus, the pituitary, the adrenals, etc, and also various 'transport systems' (aka 'neuroendocrine pathways'). And so, deep within the brain, at the very center of our skull, lodged just beneath our two CEREBRAL HEMISPHERES, is the PINEAL GLAND, and it works hand-in-hand with the nearby Pituitary Gland, aka 'The Master Gland'. So it's this PINEAL GLAND that is interest to us here. you've probably heard of it, it's best known for producing MELATONIN, which regulates our sleep/wake patterns, and thus OUR CONSCIOUSNESS (did you know that our natural body state is to be in a COMA, it's only our hormones and endocrines that keep up AWAKE and conscious), though science still can't fully explain exactly how the pineal gland works, or how it produces HALLUCINATIONS IN THE MIND when stimulated in the 'right way', like when you trip on acid or have a DMT 'experience', and so, when your 'trippin', this gland becomes fully-activated, and it quite literally 'pulses' in a certain rhythmic fashion, whereas 'normally' it's quite dormant in everyday life, and in older adults, especially, it becomes withered and 'calcified' (see below for the 'FLUORIDE CONSPIRACY')...

and then there's the egyptian 'eye of horus' connection:

but we won't go there...

as somewhat of a 'side bar', it is interesting to note that there are actually very few ways that the 'outside world' can 'communicate' with 'our consciousness' directly, sure, we have our 5, or 6 senses, and certain limbic responses, and of course, we use HUMAN LANGUAGE AS OUR PRIMARY METHOD OF COMMUNICATION, but did you know, that there's also another way, a BACK DOOR to mind, a HIDDEN PATHWAY into our brain's subconscious, that's been HARD-WIRED INTO EACH OF US since the 'dawn of man' - ie: while listening to 'CERTAIN' RHYTHMS OF MUSICAL NOTES!!!


so, there's this shortcut to our subconscious, and naturally, some frequencies work better than others, for example 2 beats per second, or around 120 beats a minute seems to be the ideal rhytmn to open this pathway, does that sound familiar? ie: it's the TEMPO OF HOUSE MUSIC, and so, when the BRAIN ENTRAINS to these 'musical frequencies', it's opening up a 'carrier' deep withing the mind, and so 'THE MESSAGE' get's heard LOUD AND CLEAR, though we don't normally realize it.

and then we come to "BINAURAL BEATS" or "HEMISPHERIC SYNCRONIZATION" ie: Hemi-Synch™ for short, developed by Robert Monroe in the 1970s, and 'furthered to this day' by the Monroe Institute, which has created (and patented) a series of mediation tapes, which use specific FREQUENCY AND SOUND WAVES to 'ARTIFICIALLY' ENTRAIN BRAIN WAVE FUNCTION, though it only works by using STEREO HEADPHONES (or specially designed acoustic labs), the basic premise is that you play one frequency in one ear, and another freq in the other, and not-suprisingly, the brain SUBTRACTS THE DIFFERENCE, and interprets it as a THIRD SOUND, ie: a Binaural Beat... This ALSO opens a special pathway that can be used for non-verbal communication.

and then along came 'MICHAEL PERSINGER", who in the 1980s used 'transcranial magnetic stimulation' to INDUCE RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCES and/or DRUG-LIKE HALLUCINATIONS in about 80% of the subjects who tried his device, some reported SEEING JESUS, others reported feeling THE PRESENCE OF GOD in the room, ie: where the device gets it's nickname: THE GOD HELMET!!!

and new, updated god-helmets can be acquired:


and, of course, there's always 'got to be' a good conspiracy associated with all good stories, and this subject is no different, i'm not sure how much you know about 'fluoride', and how it's a deadly poison, that the germans were using for chemical experiments, 'human willpower' manipulation, mind control, etc... it is so toxic, that in this country, they used to have to treat it as a toxic waste, and pay to have it disposed of properly... until lobbyists for the aluminum industry (ie: ALCOA, the largest producer of the stuff) got the government to dump it in our water, and thus, food supply... THE POINT IS: research has shown that ingesting fluoride regularly causes the PINEAL GLAND to calcify and shut down, never to be 'young and pliable' again, awww... "use it, or lose it" my friends...

history of fluoridation:

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